Want a Fresh, Youthful Appearance?

Fine lines on our forehead and around our eyes and mouth can make us look tired and worn out. Smooth those lines and get a more relaxed look with Botox and Juvederm. With these simple cosmetic procedures you can have that smooth, rested facial appearance you have been longing for without surgery.

Botox Can Also Be Used To Relieve Pain!

Botox can be used to help relax the muscle pain associated with TMD. The constant pressure on our muscles and joints from clenching and grinding can cause earaches, headaches and pain under the mandible. With a simple procedure into the tight jaw muscles your pain from clenching and grinding can be reduced in a few weeks!

“I had been having pain in my jaw for years due to my clenching and grinding. Dr. Schussler injected Botox into my right jaw muscle a few weeks ago and now my headaches and jaw pain from my clenching have stopped. I feel like my jaw is now able to relax and I don’t have pain every day.” – Kristy Strader

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Before Botox

After Botox