Years ago if you spoke to your dental care professional about correcting an “underbite”, your conversation probably centered on the painful discovery that he/she would need to “break” the jawbone and then wire it shut during a surgical procedure. This would be followed by weeks on a liquid diet and to cap it off, the application of braces both before and after the surgery. It goes without saying that few people would look forward to preparing for this painful process. Dental options have improved in recent years. Read on to learn more about the alternatives to explore for correcting a bite.


Expanders resemble the familiar orthodontic retainer. The expander helps adjust the spread of a child’s teeth so the bite will match evenly on all sides. It includes a screw that is tightened nightly so as to “spread” the bite to the prescribed measurements. An expander can be worn to correct a “crossbite.” This is where either the upper or lower bite is narrower than the other. The Expander is a non-invasive yet low-maintenance option.

Bonding, Implants and Reconstruction

Maybe braces and expanders aren’t the answer to your dental needs. If you’ve experienced some type of dental trauma in the past, or just didn’t keep up with your oral health care routine, you might need to explore other solutions to bring your smile back to life. Simple bonding, implants and minor “reconstruction,” such as new crowns and veneers, may be the solution you’re seeking to correct that smile.


Take note that veneers can serve another purpose – when applied properly, the placement of a veneer can cosmetically alter the teeth to give the appearance of no underbite. Keep in mind there is a degree of artistry with this approach, but when done correctly, this creative application of a veneer on the upper jaw mimics a jaw in proper alignment.


When you were a kid, the last thing you wanted to do was to wear braces. As an adult, you most likely feel the same way. However, in recent years, seeing an adult with braces isn’t all that unusual. You may have worn your braces for years but didn’t wear the retainer as the orthodontist instructed and thus, you may now need them again. Re-consider wearing braces if you have a bite concern. In many cases they are all you need to correct and alleviate the issue. Invisalign is a great solution if your bite is only slightly off. It proves to be an even less intrusive method with great results.

Speak with your dentist and orthodontist about the many options available today. Correcting that bad bite doesn’t have to cause you pain and anxiety. Find out the best avenue back to a great smile. Before you know it, you’ll be looking and feeling a whole lot better.

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