Many parents wonder if their baby’s teeth could become discolored, or wonder why they are discolored? Yes, baby teeth can be discolored and here are some reasons why…

Inadequate Brushing

If primary teeth (baby teeth) aren’t brushed properly, bacteria (plaque) might form on the teeth which will lead to tooth discoloration.


Too much fluoride can cause your child’s baby teeth (also called primary teeth) to have white marks or streaks on their teeth. If you notice this, talk to your child’s dentist to discuss the amount of fluoride your child intakes daily and offer some solutions.


Did your baby have jaundice when they were first born? If so, this can cause a child’s primary teeth to have a greenish tint. This will most likely go away once the primary teeth have fallen out.


Has your child been sick? Some antibiotics cause discoloration in your child’s teeth. Antibiotics high in iron can cause discoloration of primary teeth.

Treating Discolored Primary Teeth

It is recommended that your child has seen a dentist around the age of 6 months for the first time and then continue to see their dentist at timely intervals. Always talk first to your child’s dentist about any concerns you are having with your child’s teeth. Depending on the patient’s health situation and the severity of the discoloration, treatments vary from using bleaching oxides, all the way to caps if a patient has a severe health condition. Sometimes in-office bleaching is done in conjunction with overnight vital bleaching, and whitening strips. Dentist’s make treatment decisions on a case-by-case basis.

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