ATTENTION: To our loyal patients, because we care about your health and well being and want to do our part to help control spread of Corona virus, we have cancelled all appointments for routine care until we are directed to re-open by the Governor and the KY State Board of Health. While we hope that we do not have to be closed for this long, we anticipate that we may be unable to perform any routine dentistry for 8-12 weeks. This was not an easy decision but it comes at the request of the of the Governor of Kentucky, the Kentucky Board of Health, the KDA, ADA and CDC. The recommendation comes in part to prevent spread but to also help divert needed medical protective gear, that is in high demand but in short supply, to the hospitals and clinics where it is needed most.


True Dental Emergencies and Dental Advice

We will have a team member available by phone between the hours of 9am-1pm on our regular business days for questions or dental advice. Dr. Schussler will be available to address true dental emergencies on a patient by patient basis. An emergency that might require care includes, but is not limited to, the following: trauma to the mouth or teeth, swelling, tooth pain that can’t be controlled with over the counter medication. Please call our office or the after hours line first to find out if you need to be seen before visiting a local emergency room or before coming to the office.

We Will Inform You About Any Changes As They Occur

We realize this is not ideal for anyone but we also know that by taking these precautions now, it may allow us to get back to providing you with the excellent care you have always received. Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions. We will keep you updated as further information is known. If you have liked us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram, updates will also be posted there. Until then, be well and stay safe.

Contact Us (859-689-1105) For More Information


About Tri-State Family Dentistry

Tri-State Family Dentistry is dedicated to providing the highest quality dental care possible. Being privately owned since 2009, we don’t experience the corporate pressure that other dental practices have to hit certain revenue numbers. You will never be ‘sold’ dentistry at Tri-State Family Dentistry. After we explain your treatment options, you can make your own decisions.