It is best to get your child’s braces/aligners when they are going to have some time off from school. This doesn’t mean summer only! Fall, winter, or spring breaks are also a good time to think about having braces put on your child. The following are some reasons why it is best to wait until your child has some time off to get braces/aligners…

We Offer Clear Aligners Instead of Normal Braces

We do not offer regular braces but do offer orthodontics with clear aligners.​

Kids Need To Get Used To Cleaning Their Teeth If They Get Braces

Your child will most likely need an interdental toothbrush and a soft toothbrush with slim bristles. This will allow the brush to squeeze into the spaces between the braces. We often recommend a power brush and Waterpik as well to assist with oral hygiene.

Kids Need To Get Used To Wearing Their Braces/Aligners

Your child will need some time to get used to the initial discomfort. During the break at home, your child will be able to relax and rest and not have to worry about the braces distracting them from their learning.

Getting the Braces/Aligners Usually Takes Multiple Visits

Multiple visits will allow you to consult with the dentist, make records, review the treatment plan and then begin care.

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