Botox is a popular treatment for a bunch of reasons but there are still a load of misconceptions about them. It’s always a good idea to consult with a doctor/dentist to decide if Botox is a good idea for you or not. In the following, we dispel some of the commonly held myths about Botox treatments…

Wait Until You Have Lines and Wrinkles 

  • MYTH: You should wait to get Botox until you have lines in your face.
  • FACT: The earlier you start the better the long-term results. Once lines are etched in your skin it’s much harder to smooth them out. Getting Botox treatments earlier can prevent behaviors like scowling, squinting, and raising your eyebrows, which form skin lines and wrinkles. With less lines and wrinkles, you’ll need to use less Botox as you age.

Before Botox

Stopping Treatment Can Make It Worse

  • MYTH: If you start treatments and then stop, it can make your lines and wrinkles worse.
  • FACT: If you stop getting Botox treatments, your lines and wrinkles will return but they won’t be worse! Botox treatment results aren’t permanent but they will last for about 3-4 months.

It’s Never Too Early To Start

  • MYTH: It’s never too soon to start Botox treatments.
  • FACT: Yes it is! If you are young and your skin hasn’t lost its elasticity yet then don’t mess with it. Yes, preventative Botox treatments are smart for the reasons we’ve stated above, but most people shouldn’t think about Botox until their late 20’s and in most cases later than that. It’s a decision for you and your doctor/dentist.

After Botox

It’s Just For Wrinkles

  • MYTH: Botox treatments are just for wrinkles.
  • FACT: Botox has many uses. It is used for wrinkles and lines or your skin, but it’s also used for treating migraines since it can release muscle tension and put less of a strain on your nervous system. It’s also used to clog sweat glands if you are an extreme sweater. There are also some studies out there showing that it can help alleviate depression.

It’s Only For Women

  • MYTH: Botox treatments are really just for women.
  • FACT: Since Botox treatments have been common for a while now, more and more men are getting treatments. Men get Botox to soften their faces and become more approachable. Wrinkles and lines in some men’s faces can appear to make them look angry or not interested in interaction with other people. Men also like to look as young as possible and attract women.

SO… Is Botox for you?

Want a Fresh, Youthful Appearance? Fine lines on our forehead and around our eyes and mouth can make us look tired and worn out. Smooth those lines and get a more relaxed look with Botox and Juvederm. With these simple cosmetic procedures, you can have that smooth, rested facial appearance you have been longing for without surgery.

Botox Can Also Be Used To Relieve Pain! Botox can also be used to help relax the muscle pain associated with TMJ. The constant pressure on our muscles and joints from clenching and grinding can cause earaches, headaches and pain under the mandible. With a simple procedure into the tight jaw muscles, your pain from clenching and grinding can be reduced in a few weeks!

“I had been having pain in my jaw for years due to clenching and grinding.  Dr. Schussler injected Botox into my right jaw muscle a few weeks ago and now my headaches and jaw pain from my clenching have stopped. I feel like my jaw is now able to relax and I don’t have pain every day.” – Kristy Strader

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