Family Friendly, Kid Approved

We love helping children and we understand that seeing the dentist can be scary the first time and strive to make your child’s first visit with us both exciting and educational. We have a child friendly waiting room and are willing to work with you to make their first dental visit a happy one.

Most Kids Start Coming In About 3 Years Old

If you have questions or concerns, you are certainly welcome to bring your child in at a younger age. At the age of three your child can participate and should have all their baby teeth. At the first appointment we will ‘count’ and polish their teeth. The doctors will make sure that their teeth are erupting correctly and that their bite looks correct. We will only take x-rays if it is deemed necessary by age or possible infection.

Preparing Kids for Their First Visit

Bring them along during a sibling’s appointment so they can watch first hand. Tell them that they are going to go have their teeth counted and checked for cavity bugs. We have TVs in each room so they can watch their favorite cartoon and they can sit on mom or dad’s lap if that makes them feel better.

We are Extremely Patient!

Sometimes the first visit doesn’t go so great and that’s okay! It happens. We never talk down to your child or force them to do anything if they are unhappy and unwilling to have a check up. We do our best to complete as much as we can but sometimes all we achieve is a little chair ride. No worries, we can try again at a later time!

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