So many of us have questions about wisdom teeth: When did I get them? Why do I have them? Why are they there? Should I have them removed? Here are some answers that will hopefully resolve the mysteries behind these teeth…

When Did I Get My Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are unique, because they come later in life. This usually occurs during the late teens or early twenties (known as the “age of wisdom” hence the name).

Why Can Wisdom Teeth Be a Problem?

Wisdom teeth are not a problem for everyone. However, they can be a problem when they are misaligned, can cause over-crowding, or can even damage nearby teeth, jawbone, and your nerves. They can also be impacted. This means they are stuck under the gum and cannot fully break through. Impacted teeth can cause food and bacteria to become trapped, which can lead to tooth decay, swelling of the gums, tenderness, and bad breath.

What Should I Do If I Have Problems With My Wisdom Teeth?

Too many people suffer with misaligned or impacted wisdom teeth and choose not to have them removed. Most dentists recommend having wisdom teeth removed at an early age before any potential problems begin. Removal is easier for younger people because the roots of the wisdom teeth have not fully developed and the bone is less dense. Just know that you don’t always have to remove your wisdom teeth if you have adequate room for full eruption and cleansing.

More About Your Wisdom Teeth from the American Dental Association

If you would like to have your wisdom teeth removed, the first step is to talk to your dentist and have an x-ray on your wisdom teeth. The x-ray will help determine the presence as well as the position of your teeth. This will help you and your dentist decide what is best for you.

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